We are very happy with everyone there, and the service is excellent! - Lori W.

Great staff. Best dentist Shawna has seen and would really like to thank you for taking so much time with her and trying to make her feel at ease. - Deanna R.

The staff really makes the visit non-stressful and efficient. - Diane P.

Dr. Guijon is a fantastic dentist. He takes time to explain everything and is wonderful with the kids. He also was so kind in following up after the visit. I highly recommend Dr. Guijon! - Candace N.

We had a great experience. Thanks so much for taking such great care of Victoria and making her feel so comfortable!! :) - Claudia M.

Everyone in the office is so friendly! Very happy with everything! - Janis M.

Happy holidays to you all... We are very pleased with your service, as usual!! - Melanie M.

All of the staff members were wonderful. I cannot think of anything to improve the great feeling I have when I come to visit. - William L.

Nick and mom are completely satisfied with your office. My son, who is 25, started at the same office when he was 2 yrs. old. I love that Nick is continuing there also. See you in 3 months - Nick got his braces on Monday, and he is trying hard to floss and brush well. Nick loves Dr. Guijon and all the staff. Hopefully we'll get him brushing better. - Colleen L.

My family and I want to thank you for all your help. Everyone in the office was extra helpful and compassionate during Mikey’s difficult experience. We are thankful to have you as our dentist. - Erica L.

A+ office!!! - Kylee H.

You're the best! - Kaden H.

You rock!!! - Conner H.

Matthew's appointment could not have been better from beginning to end. It was really unsettling to have to sedate him, but Dr. Guijon, his dental assistant, the anesthesiologist, and Julia could not have been more thoughtful and compassionate. We have five children, the youngest with some special needs, and we greatly appreciate the first class care they receive at Dr. Guijon's office. - Nancy H.

As always, visiting your office was a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work. We appreciate the level of attention and personal attention that Dr. Guijon provides! - Alba F.

Love, love, love you guys!!! - Nancy F.

Great dental experience for my two kids! - Rosalia E.

July and Amy were exceptionally helpful. We appreciated the caring and friendliness. - Mike D.

We appreciate you setting the ortho appointment up on our behalf. They saw us the same day even though we didn't have an appt. - Linda R.

Thank you for making Iris's extraction such a pleasant experience. For something that could have been traumatic, your care, kindness, and expertise really made all the difference. We really appreciate it! - Tracey C.

We love Dr. Guijon and all of the staff!! They are awesome!! - Carol C.

Julia was fabulous as always!! Amy was very sweet to my kids and gave them great tips to keep their teeth nice. Our visits are always great! Thank you! - Anonymous

Thank you for ALWAYS making our visits comfortable for the kids! They never mind going to the dentist, and that makes my life so much easier!! Your whole staff is amazing and awesome!! - Amy A.

Karl R. had a great 1st visit to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Guijon! - Susan R.

Dr. John (as my kids call him) has been our dentist since our now 15-year-old was two-years-old. All three of our kids have gone to his office. He is not only professional but respectful of each kid as an individual. The office staff is great and the waiting area is fantastic for kids. My kids actually LIKE going to the dentist. - Anonymous

Thanks, Dr. John for always being friendly and helpful. Your professionalism is welcome in a time when customer service seems to be disappearing in most industries. - Doug K.